Text 14 Nov

blarg ):

Text 12 Nov

She still thinks the dynamic between you two was something she cant get with someone else. it was something special. She still wants it. She wants t but none of the bulllshit that used to be there. She dosent believe youll grow up tho because your doing a poor job of it right now.


Text 12 Nov

Once I grow up, she might float my boat once again. I’m still too much of a wuss. I still can’t handle anything. I run away from too much so maybe. But I doubt because she deserves better. I was once something. That’s who I was. Something once upon a time. 


Text 12 Nov

is she ever going to float your boat again? 
it just feels weird because she dosent anymore even if she did at one point.

- kisa

Text 12 Nov

my gf did float my boat at one point. it’s a cute blog. i’m not changing anything. nothing else goes in this blog about anyone or anything. i’m leaving it. 


Text 12 Nov

the name of this blog should get changed unless you wanna talk about your new gf on here just a thought. its kinda weird. unless you keep talking about me. but i dont float your boat anymore do i? :T

- kisa

Text 31 Oct

This is really bad. You shouldn’t have caved in. Listen to them. Nothing good can come out of this. I know we’re friends. I know that. but I’m going to hurt you. I wouldn’t want to but I will. I’m not emotionally strong. I’m rash. I do drugs. I won’t listen. I won’t be there all the time. Don’t put me back into your life just yet, I desperately want to be in your life but it’s not time yet. I am your enemy, your EX, your ex everything. I hurt you, of course you can’t forget that. Make new friends from your friends. Be with other people. Don’t come back to me. Seriously. You’ll hurt even more. I only care about you. So don’t. This will be bad for me too. I’m feeling more different than I even have. 

Text 29 Oct still weird

 but kinda hopeful for you

Text 29 Oct I’ve been drug free for about 1 week!
Text 29 Oct Went downtown today

Ate sushi with samiha, walked around downtown. It was nice. A lot was on my mind about you though. About how your doing. But tumblr seems to say that your fine. Maybe even happy you know? It makes me smile a bit. To know that you’re okay, She asked me if I’d ever get back with you. I said maybe, I said if we come across one another and we’re okay and single. I would. Because she’s a nice person and I loved her you know? Anyways, nothing feels the same but it’s a change. I’m glad you are alright. Samihas sick and I’m apparently learning how to give massages. I got home at like 8 pm after going to a creperie that apparently ended up being closed. Fuck you buffalo for being such a shit city and everything closing at 6. Anyways, it was a nice chilly day. It’s getting chillier and chillier. Downtown buffalo has so many nightclubs, it reminds me of brooklyn tech. It looked so similar. 

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